Only Two Outlander Episodes Left

Yes, you heard right only two more episodes left well actually there are 8 more left but unfortunately Starz choses to break up Season 1 and will air the remaining in early 2015. What to do fortunately for me I have still 6 more books to read & keep me company in the Outlander Series.

I’m almost done with Dragonfly In Amber book 2. I also get to go back to Scotland in November.I really can’t wait I so enjoyed my visit last year. Such an amazing country and of course the vast & lovely landscapes all around you. Being my heritage comes from Scotland my mom’s side is McDonalds. This time I will be visiting the west side of Scotland.

Anyhoo we also have the holidays coming soon so another way to keep busy waiting for the second half of Outlander. In case you haven’t heard Starz has renewed for a Season 2 of Outlander based on Dragonfly In Amber or Book 2 by the amazing Diana Gabaldon.

So good luck all I know it’s going to be so hard waiting for 2nd half of Outlander. I understand exactly how you feel but I do understand how much of an undertaking it must have been to make a almost 900-page book into a tv show. So atlas we shall have to find our patients after all we are so lucky to have after long last made into a tv series.

As far as I can tell they are sticking to the books which makes me so ecstatic unlike True Blood strayed so far from the books that Charlain Harris wrote. As a writer myself I would be so unhappy if a director didn’t stay true to my story.

Good luck & enjoy the last 2 episodes left for 1st half of Season 1.


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