Just Loving Outlander Show & Books

Such a huge fan of Outlander on Starz Saturday’s@ 9pm. If not a fan an absolute much to catch up on. Also the Outlander Series of books by Diana Gabaldon such a great story to read a definite spellbinding genre-bending. With history & romance & time traveling, twist & turns a definite must read! The story is set in Scottish Highlands. While honeymooning in the highlands in 1945 a strong – minded women named Claire Beecham-Randall a nurse in World War ll while visiting Crag na dun ( aka standing stones) lays her hands upon the stones is somehow is transported back in time 200 years to 1743 Scotland. Claire finds herself face to face with her husband’s distance relative Captain Jack Randall (aka Black Jack Randall). A British solider who plays by his own rules causing torment & distruction throughout the Scottish Highlands in his wake taking whatever he desires.  Claire gets rescued by a clansman of Clan McKenzie. Claire is taken back to where the Clan McKenzie is holding up Claire ends up popping Jamie’s  dislocated shoulder back where it should be. Claire finds herself  being held captive guest @ Castle Leoch against her will and further away from the standing stones & her husband Frank Randall. Claire starts wondering perhaps her future just might end up in the past!!41d99b20-12b8-11e4-bc7f-a34ca995bd3c_starz-outlander-Claire-Randall-Caitriona-Balfe-Jamie-Fraser-Sam-Heugan-2 412abd80-12b8-11e4-bbd7-cf4100cea0ae_starz-outlander-Jamie-Fraser-Sam-Heugan-


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